Community comes together for clean up

Community volunteers joined Doncaster Council staff members in Balby continuing the 'This is my Doncaster - Keep it Clean' campaign.

Some of the volunteers regularly frequent the Platform Café, Woodfield Road, which works alongside the Central Area Team Communities Team to improve the wider community and supports local people who have learning difficulties.

Having met at the café, the hardy bunch – led by Balby South Ward elected Councillor John Healy - set to work on an extended litter pick of the area, including the back alleys and walkways.

Cllr Healy said: “It’s great to see the amount of volunteers to come out and take pride in their area by doing a litter pick, these are our streets after all.

“We don’t agree with people dumping their rubbish. We’ve got to work together and unfortunately there is a cost to the council. If people were to observe recycling and use bins accordingly then the need for us perhaps wouldn’t be so great.

“It’s everyone’s environment at the end of the day, not just ours. It’s important to think about what we are teaching our kids. That’s what our teams are doing, we’re going in to schools to educate.”

Among the party were also staff from Doncaster Council’s Enforcement team on the ground to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) of up to £150 if anyone was found to be littering or fly tipping. In total, the teams were able to remove more than 2.5 tonnes of rubbish – the equivalent of two giraffes!

Bex Shaw, who created the Doncaster Green Team Facebook group, urged others to take a stand against problematic littering in the area. “I was prompted [to form a volunteer group] by the state of the streets, everywhere I go there’s litter,” she said.

“I think the responsibility is partly the members of the public and a bit of the council. I’ve spoken to members of the public who say, “Why should I do it? It’s the council’s job!” but I’ve spoken to the council who have said that they’ve only got limited resources.

“The money that is spent on combatting litter could be spent on better things like social services and other areas that need it. It’s alright for people to sit on their backsides and claim that it’s the council’s job but it’s not, it’s a social responsibility in my opinion.”

Cllr Chris McGuinness, who champions the "This is my Doncaster" campaign, said: "It was great to see so many members from the local community work with us in this way and appreciate the time and efforts that these individuals have taken. That relationship holds the key to this campaign being successful."

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Last updated: 06 February 2019 10:11:52