Doncaster Council's Local Digital Declaration

Today, Councillor Jane Nightingale, Cabinet Member for Customer and Corporate Services confirmed Doncaster Council's support for the Local Digital Declaration alongside other local authorities across the country:

"We’re really pleased to be co-publishing the Local Digital Declaration today. 

"This is to show that we are committed to transforming our services and using more digital tools and services, whilst also supporting our residents to also make changes. Great work has already been done; we're really pleased with the outcome of our Digital Council programme, which has put Doncaster people at the centre of the design of our services. We use technology that is more joined up and allows us to better share information, reducing the cost of annual service delivery.Most importantly, the programme has increased the ability of our residents to use our services anytime and anywhere using any device. We’ve designed services that are more accessible than ever before. 

"But this is our opportunity to do more! We recognise that it’s not just about service design but also ensuring our residents have access to high speed internet wherever possible. To enable this we have partnered with Super-Fast South Yorkshire which has enabled more than 550,000 households and businesses across the region to enjoy superfast speeds. In the coming weeks we are also set to announce news that will help visitors, residents and businesses stay better connected in our town centre. So this declaration, co-signed with other authorities, will mean further collaboration, common design where possible, learning and delivery to further improve resident’s experience, more services easier to access online and will further reduce the cost of service delivery. 

"In short, we pledge to continue our support towards improving our local services using digital technology, so that you can save time and effort."

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Last updated: 18 July 2018 16:37:32