Fly tipping resident pays the price

Local resident Malcolm Flowitt has been convicted of fly tipping controlled waste and ordered to pay: £260 fine, £689.37 in costs and £30 victim surcharge.

Mr Flowitt, from Barnstone Street, Hexthorpe was convicted of fly tipping large domestic waste at the rear of Ramsden Road Hexthorpe. He was paid £20 by another resident to dispose of their waste and instead of disposing of this in the correct manner he fly tipped it.  

The council’s Enforcement Team received the report of the large fly tip from South Yorkshire Police. An Enforcement Officer then investigated the report and found letters belonging to a resident. When they spoke to the resident they were informed that they had paid Mr Flowitt to dispose of their waste.

Mr Flowitt was then interviewed under caution, charged and ordered to appear in court.

Cllr Chis McGuinness, Cabinet Member for Communities and the Environment, said: “We will not tolerate anyone in Doncaster using our streets as rubbish tips and not disposing of their rubbish in the correct way. Mr Flowitt was paid to dispose of waste and instead he decided to fly tip it, he has now paid the price for doing this.

“We would urge all residents to take extra care and responsibility when paying someone to take their waste away. If you do pay someone, then ask to see their Waste Carrier Licence which will be issued to them by the Environment Agency. You can then contact the Environment Agency directly to make sure it is a valid licence.

“We have a very robust process in investigating all reports of fly tipping and taking action against offenders whenever possible. We would encourage everyone who sees fly tipping to report this to us via

“If we all just played a small part and disposed of waste in the right way, then we could all ensure that Doncaster remains clean for all to enjoy.”

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Last updated: 11 June 2018 09:03:28