Reaction to HS2 announcement

Here is initial response from Mayor Ros Jones to the Secretary of State's HS2 announcement

Mayor Ros


"We are deeply disappointed that the Government is imposing this second rate solution for HS2 on our region. It is quite simply the wrong decision and there is no rational justification for it.”

“The Secretary of State has chosen the route that nobody wanted, despite the overwhelming evidence against it and public opposition to it. His decision will destroy people’s homes and damage communities, deliver fewer trains, slower services, and reduce job creation and economic growth. It will also cost the taxpayer at least £1bn more, once additional running costs and infrastructure have been taken into account.

“It’s the wrong solution for Doncaster, the Sheffield City Region and UK PLC.

“We will now consider the announcement in detail and take further advice before determining our next course of action. What is not in doubt is that we will continue fighting on behalf of our communities and our economy.”

The Secretary of State's announcement regarding the route for Phase 2B of HS2 made on Monday, 17 July 2017.

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Last updated: 24 July 2017 09:46:44