Market stall application

What is this for?

To book an outer Market Stall on Doncaster Market to trade as a Casual Trader.

What is it going to cost?

The cost of stalls will vary depending upon the type of stall booked, the day of trading and the number of stalls that you require.

What we need from you

You will need to enter your details on the online booking form to secure your booking.  You will be required to provide evidence of your right to work in the UK, proof of address and evidence of public liability insurance to a minimum cover of £5m when you arrive on site on the day of trading.

What you should expect from us

When you submit the online booking form and make payment, you will be allocated your stall upon arrival on the specified day of trading in line with the Markets allocation policy.

More information

Visit the trading on Doncaster Market page.

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Last updated: 31 October 2018 11:44:31