Mayor Jones made the following pledges when elected as part of her promise to deliver in five key priority areas for Doncaster.

Priority One: Creating Jobs and Housing

  • create 750 new apprenticeships across Doncaster
  • endeavour to implement a young enterprise programme
  • encourage inward investment and grow local businesses
  • aim to develop and implement a new business start-up programme and implement a ‘buy local’ approach for all public sector budgets wherever possible
  • continue improving the attractiveness of the town centre and will release the potential of our airport by attracting new international airlines alongside delivering the FARRS project
  • aim to gain Enterprise Zone status for the airport business park area and ensure Doncaster is promoted nationally and internationally
  • work on a major affordable homes building programme across Doncaster
  • implement a housing build programme to meet the current and future needs of people in Doncaster
  • introduce a landlord accreditation/licensing scheme to improve the condition of privately rented homes

Priority Two: Protecting Doncaster’s vital services

  • work to develop an independent trust with our partners that reflect the needs of our younger citizens and safeguards their well-being
  • educate our young people so they have the skills and qualifications to realise their future ambitions and we will continue our positive improvements in attainment levels
  • review schools and other services that deal with 0-19 year olds
  • fight for lower bus fares, valuing our public transport as well as our car drivers

Priority Three: Safeguarding our Communities

  • protecting Doncaster’s Safer Neighbourhood Team and ensuring we have a fully functioning enforcement team that operates at the most appropriate times
  • support South Yorkshire Police with the recruitment of a further 84 Special Police Constables by 2015
  • review PACT meetings and make recommendations for the best way to involve the public in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour
  • introducing a more robust zero tolerance plan for tackling anti-social behaviour
  • develop and implement a coordinated plan to address anti-social behaviour with the Police, Safer Neighbourhood Teams, Enforcement, St Leger Homes and Ward Councillors as well as emphasising my commitment to reducing dog fouling, litter and fly tipping
  • support tough new controls on immigration and give priority to local people on social housing

Priority Four: Bring down the cost of living

  • implement a Doncaster wide campaign to guarantee households are on the cheapest possible energy deal and investigate other ways of keeping energy prices low
  • freeze the cost of pendant alarms for pensioners
  • to ensure our service users receive ‘value for money’ when dealing with personal budgets

Priority Five: Be a strong voice for our veterans

  • appoint a dedicated Veterans Champion
  • set up a Veterans Group to help provide additional support
  • introduce a Guaranteed Interview Scheme
  • commemorate our heroes by offering bereaved families the chance to name streets after their loved ones
Last updated: 20 December 2016 12:15:24