Mausoleum - Above and Below Ground Burial Interments

We have now extended our service provision with the introduction of new mausoleum and burial chamber interment facilities at Rose Hill Cemetery.

There are front interment positions or side interment positions to choose from. Burial chambers are also available, which can accommodate either above or below ground burial. Each chamber can accept up to two interments, once an interment has taken place the compartment is sealed with slabs.

The Mausoleum is set in a quiet tranquil area within the grounds of Rose Hill Cemetery, surrounded by trees and wildlife. Our overall aim is to create a prestigious section which will give families more flexibility and choice over the ‘traditional’ burial experience. There will be greater freedom in size of memorialisation on grave plots, something similar to the larger and more unique gravestones and memorials that were placed in cemeteries in the early 1900’s. Typically this could be anything from an individual family mausoleum to a standard grave plot with a much bigger and elaborate memorial than currently available in the other sections.


Last updated: 06 October 2017 11:06:43