The Civic and Cultural Quarter- Introduction

The Civic and Cultural Quarter is re-vitalising the Waterdale area of the town centre into a place of real interest. The landmark £300 million development, delivered in four stages over six to eight years, will cover some 25 acres which includes Waterdale and the area around the Council House and land where the former Doncaster College was located.

The Civic and Cultural Quarter will cover about 25 per cent of the town centre in the Waterdale area. Although the current Waterdale shopping centre is not part of the scheme, as the project develops and the high quality facilities attract people and business into the area, there should be a positive impact on this shopping precinct and neighbouring parts of town.

Why redevelop the Waterdale area?

Waterdale is a well-known part of Doncaster's town centre. During its heyday it was a bustling area with people flocking to shops and the like – it was a place you had to visit while you were in town. However, it had suffered a steady decline which continued when the southern bus station closed (Frenchgate Interchange opening) and Doncaster College moved to the Hub at the Waterfront. With limited public transport entering the area and no student population on its doorstep, less people had reason to pass through.

The Civic and Cultural Quarter is transforming Waterdale reconnecting it to the town centre. The quality and content of the plans is raising the profile of this part of town to new levels. The carefully thought out layout and consistent building design is giving the area a clear identity. It is already becoming a big attraction that draws people in and encourages redevelopment in the neighbouring areas (i.e. in and around the Waterdale Shopping Centre).

This project together with other regeneration schemes such as the Waterfront are changing Doncaster for the better. Doncaster is becoming an exciting and attractive place to live, work, visit and do business from.

What are the benefits?

The Civic and Cultural Quarter is one of a series of regeneration programmes across the borough transforming Doncaster into a popular and exciting place to invest, live, work and visit.

The flagship development is tremendous news for Doncaster. As well as the provision of modern facilities and attractions, the following are some of the key benefits this development is delivering for Doncaster. It will:

  • see about £200million of private sector investment in the town
  • create new jobs
  • attract new business to the area
  • replace redundant and tired buildings
  • improve Doncaster’s urban landscape
  • become a destination for residents, tourists and visitors
  • increase the number of people in and around the area supporting nearby businesses
  • improve the image of Doncaster as a whole
  • be a place Doncaster residents can be proud to call their own
  • help make Doncaster a place where people want to work and live
  • mean all the first-class leisure and entertainment facilities residents need are on their doorstep
  • boost Doncaster’s economy
  • stimulate regeneration and further private sector investment elsewhere in Doncaster

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