Trading on Doncaster Market

Details below about the market and how to get a stall.

Doncaster Market is one of Britain's biggest, consisting of some 400 stalls, shops and stands in a number of distinctive and centrally located market halls and spaces. With such a large market there are often opportunities for new traders to join our success story.

The different parts of the market in which there may be vacancies are:

  • Goose Hill Market - a covered market hall comprising 26 modern lockable units
  • The Fish Market - 15 indoor dedicated fish stalls at the eastern end of the Goose Hill market building 
  • The International Food Hall - 60 shops and units exclusively dedicated to food under one roof
  • The Corn Exchange - a restored historic building with 26 shop units, a cafe and craft area
  • The Wool Market – our biggest indoor market hall, recently refurbished and home to over 100 varied non-food stalls  
  • The Outdoor Market – over 150 stalls and shops
  • Antique and bric-a-brac market - held every Wednesday in the Outdoor Market area
  • Farmers Market -is under review and has been cancelled until further notice.

Doncaster Market is fully open every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday with some units also able to open on other days of the week.

If you have an idea for new retail, talk it over with the Markets Team staff, remember Marks and Spencer started on a market stall.

How to get a stall as a casual trader

Casual traders can only stand on Doncaster’s Outdoor Market and not in any of the market halls.

To stand as a casual trader on Doncaster’s Outdoor Market on our market days of Tuesday, Friday or Saturday, intending traders must register by 8.30 am at the corner of High Fisher Gate and Market Place, opposite the Bon Marche shop. The allocation of stalls by Markets Team staff will begin soon after.

For the Wednesday Antique and Bric-a-brac Market, intending traders must register at 8:00 am at the same place for allocation immediately.

Traders are advised that to stand on Doncaster Market they must be fully insured, either through the presentation of valid NMTF membership or appropriate insurance certificates.  All traders must bring their valid insurance documents, passport or driving licence as photo ID and a Bank statement or utility bill no more that 3 months old prior to a stall being allocated.  Wednesday traders must also have a second hand registration certificate that can be obtained free of charge from the Licensing Department.

Outdoor market charges

All of the charges listed below are inclusive of the basic lighting charge. 

  12ft stall 
Tuesday  £13.50
Wednesday (Antique and bric-a-brac)  £10.00 (Gazebos £8.50) 
Friday  £17.00
Saturday £22.00

Free stalls for charities

A free stall on the Outdoor Market is available on Doncaster's main market days of Tuesday, Friday and Saturday for the use of registered charities. However certain commodities - and the holding of raffles and similar activities cannot be allowed without the appropriate licence.

To find out the availability of the charity stall contact the Markets Team using the details at the bottom of this page.

Once a date has been agreed for you to stand, we will require that you confirm the booking in writing on the charity's headed paper.


    Farmers Market - this service is under review and has been cancelled for the time being further information will be posted.
  • email:
  • tel: 01302 862480

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