Protect yourself and your property

Most crimes are opportunist, so make it more difficult for criminals and you reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime.

Staying safe

Some tips for staying safe and protecting you and your home.

  • beware of leaving goods on show and dispose of boxes discretely
  • dial 999 if you see anything suspicious
  • ditch old fashioned chip pans and use oven chips or thermostat-controlled fryers instead
  • don’t buy fake electricals or cigarettes
  • don’t drink and drive – this includes the morning after
  • don’t smoke after too much alcohol and don’t attempt to cook if you’ve been out drinking
  • drink sensibly – pace yourself and know your limits
  • keep valuables and car keys out of view.
  • make sure doors and windows are locked even if you’re only in the next room.
  • never leave electrical items charging overnight, or beyond the recommended charging time
  • protect your valuables by registering them at
  • remember, mixing medicines and alcohol can be harmful

Preventing car crime

Vehicle crimes, especially break-ins, often occur because owners have left something on display when they park their car or have left it unlocked. A parked car is an invitation to any sneak thief, so don't tempt them:

  • don’t leave property on show
  • if possible take all valuables with you
  • if you have to leave valuables in your car then lock them in the boot where they can’t be seen
  • lock all doors and windows
  • check boot lids, hatch backs and sunroofs
  • set the alarm/immobiliser

If your car does not have an alarm/immobiliser system then consider buying one, or at least a steering lock.


We encourage residents to register their mobile phone and other valuable property at Immobilise, a website which lets you record your items for free. By registering your property you stand a much better chance of getting it back if it is lost or stolen.

You can record any registered item as lost or stolen and this instantly appears on the Police National Stolen Equipment Database. This online checking service is used by all the UK Police forces to trace owners of stolen property.

As well as your mobile you can also register other items of property including:

  • stereos and iPods
  • satellite navigators and in car entertainment
  • bicycles
  • art and antiques
  • laptops
  • jewellery and watches


SmartWater is a colourless, odourless liquid that marks any item with a unique chemical formula. Invisible to the eye, it can be applied on all types of household items. The liquid glows under an ultraviolet light, consequently identifying to police any stolen items and the handlers of the stolen goods. It is impossible for a thief to remove all traces of it. Just like DNA, it only needs a speck of SmartWater to identify the rightful owner.

You can purchase a kit from us for a discounted rate of £15. For more information or to purchase a kit, call 01302 736000 or email

For further information, please contact us:

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