How to reduce air pollution

Suggestions on how to help reduce air pollution

  • walk or cycle instead of using the car
  • for further journeys use public transport in preference to your car
  • a petrol fueled vehicle produces less nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter than does a diesel. An electric or hydrogen vehicle produces no emissions at all 
  • ensure your car is running efficiently - regular servicing of your vehicle will reduce harmful exhaust emissions and reduce running costs
  • whenever you do drive, eco drive. Accelerate smoothly, use the highest gear possible, do not over rev, decelerate smoothly by taking the foot of the accelerator (i.e. don't just use the brakes) eco driving can save fuel and therefore money too
  • do not let the engine ideal when stationary such as at traffic lights, level crossings or waiting for passengers
  • if you have a solid fuel fire only burn approved smokeless fuels
  • most of the above will save money as well as producing less pollutants

Information about air pollution levels in Doncaster:

  • Trax FM - the pollution levels in the town centre are notified to TRAX FM which can be found on 107.1 KHz
  • Yorkshire Post - the average levels of pollution recorded over the previous 24 hours are given daily in the Yorkshire Post weather column
  • Doncaster Council website menu home page - information can be accessed via the icon located towards the middle left of the screen
  • Twitter - follow us @airqualitydonc

For further information, please contact us: 

Last updated: 13 June 2019 15:43:24