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Works planned by Doncaster Council’s Trees & Woodland section will be taking place over the coming months in the woodlands to the rear of properties on Bardolf Road (section 4 on the planned woodland work attachment in the downloads and resources area). Following the completion of this work, the team will move to Church Plantation (section 13 on the planned woodland work attachment in the downloads and resources area).  

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Frequently asked questions


Why are we undertaking this work?

The woodlands are being managed in order to thin out non-native trees (specifically Sycamore) which will increase the amount of light coming through to the woodland floor, as well as clearing overhanging trees to the rear of properties on Bardolf Road.
Some areas will retain open glades throughout the woods, whilst other areas will be replanted with native species, giving a more diverse species and age mix, which in turn will provide for a greater range of insects, bird and animals.

What order is the work being undertaken in?

Stage 1 of the works will involve clearing the strip to the back of the houses on Bardolf Road, starting at the entrance point by the garages and working up to Green Boulevard. Stage 2 will involve working the same stretch, but through the woods and along the roadside edge. Stage 3 will involve selective thinning Church Plantation.

When will the work start?

Late summer 2016

When will the work finish?

Unable to give a definitive timescale, but stages 1 &2 could run into Winter ’17 dependent on external factors (high winds/emergency work elsewhere).

Who should I contact if I want to get involved/volunteer?

There will be opportunities to get involved with the re-planting work along with additional aftercare and maintenance in the woods. If you are interested in getting involved, please email the Countryside Rangers Service Kylie.Shaw@doncaster.gov.uk

What species are being taken down?

Sycamore is predominantly being removed, although other species may have to be removed at locations where appropriate.

What times will work be taking place?

Works will take place between 9am and 2:30pm (although times may vary from week to week).

What days will work be taking place?

The work will take place week days only (although days may vary from week to week).

What will be happening to the felled timber?

Some of the timber will be chipped on site and scattered along the forest floor, and where appropriate, on the path. Larger timber will be taken off site and utilised elsewhere.

What checks are in place for protecting wildlife?

Our arborists carry out checks for bird nests and bats prior to carrying out any work. If there are trees with a lot of Ivy on the bark, we may have to leave the felling of these trees until winter to be sure that there are no nests.

Where else have you done this type of work?

A woodland improvement programme was carried out at Kings Wood, Bawtry from 2014, and included felling up to 30% of predominantly Sycamore and replanting with native species, whilst keeping selected areas clear as woodland glades. This project was very successful and showcases the benefits of woodland management.

What permissions have you got to undertake this work?

We have a felling licence from the Forestry Commission which is valid until December 2019.

Who should I contact if I require more information about the work?

For any additional information about the Woodland Works, please email Woodland.Works@Doncaster.Gov.Uk


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