Neighbourhoods Charter

Doncaster Council, South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue and a variety of other agencies provide services in your neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhoods Charter sets out the standards you can expect from these services.

The Neighbourhoods Charter also tells you what you, as residents, can do to help us to improve neighbourhoods in Doncaster.

Some of the key issues covered by the Neighbourhood Charter are below.

What we will do:
Identify local priorities and plan what we need to meet the needs of each community.

These area plans will be created by various agencies (such as the Council, Police and NHS) working in partnership with ward members and residents.
We will use local feedback to make sure priorities in the area plans are kept up to date and meet local residents’ needs.

What you can do:
Contribute to the monitoring of the area plans and local priorities by completing and returning surveys and “have your say” questionnaires when we ask for your feedback.

Keeping you safe and tackling crime

What we will do:
Doncaster Council, the Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, will work together to prevent and tackle crime and anti-social behaviour to make your neighbourhood safer. This work will include:

  • Helping you to run positive activities in your community
  • Having dedicated officers to investigate and monitor all reported incidents of hate crime (including race, religion/belief, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and disability)
  • Issuing Anti-Social Behaviour Contracts, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and Drink Banning Orders to individuals who cause problems
  • Seizing illegal motorbikes and legal motorbikes that are ridden in an illegal manner
  • Taking enforcement action for nuisance, littering, dog fouling, fly tipping, abandoned vehicles etc. We will also work in schools and communities to raise awareness about the law.

We will hold monthly Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings in each area to talk about community safety issues and to give you the opportunity to be  directly involved in setting local priorities for the following month.

Local organisations such as the Council, Police and Fire Service will then meet
to plan what we need to do in each area to tackle issues and work on what is
more important to you.

What you can do:
Think about how your behaviour might affect other people and be considerate to your neighbours.

Report crime to us and contact us with information to help with the detection and prevention of crime by telephoning 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Do not call 999 unless it is an emergency.

If you or someone you know are suffering from domestic abuse, phone our helpline 0800 4701 505, or visit:

To receive a free home safety check by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue call 0114 253 2314 or text the word FREE to 87023.

Attend your local monthly Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meeting. You can find out about your Safer Neighbourhood Team as well as where and when your next PACT meeting will be held, by visiting and entering your postcode under “Find your local Safer Neighbourhood Team”.

Join your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Getting involved

What we will do:
We will let you know what is happening in your local area and how to get involved.

We will support your community by setting up new groups to lead on projects that meet local priorities and helping to promote these projects to other people.

We will support local groups with funding bids.

Doncaster CVS is a volunteering organisation that helps put volunteers in touch with local groups.

What you can do:
Volunteer for projects in your local community. You can bid for money, such as grants, to help you to work in your community to tackle issues and priorities in your area that matter to you.

Contact Doncaster CVS on 01302 343300, or visit their website at: for information about volunteering or support and advice for community and voluntary groups. 

Elected representatives

What we will do:
Elected Members and Town/Parish Councillors will act as a “champion” for their community and support residents to address local issues and priorities.

Provide timely feedback to you, community groups and Town/Parish Councils.

Ward Councillors will make their contact details available to you and hold regular “surgeries” in your area to discuss issues. Elected Members will work together with Parish and Town Councils as set out in the Joint Charter between Parish and Town Councils and the council.

What you can do:
Contact your local Councillors to raise any issues, important concerns and aspirations in your local area.

Contact details for your local ward councillor can be found by visiting the council chamber “find your local councillor” page or by calling 01302 736000.


Last updated: 20 March 2019 14:44:46