Doncaster Council is keen to engage with potential developers, partners and investors, to look at proposals to ensure that housing provision is met throughout the Borough. The Council would like to engage with those organisations who are interested in developing all tenures of housing, including private sale, shared ownership and housing for rent.

Access the inLand map

The inLand map has been developed by the Strategic Housing team to connect better with its customers. This new service allows developers, house builders and partners who have an interest in investing in Doncaster to access information on potential sites quickly and easily.

The inLand map allows you to view the location and status of potential housing development land owned by Doncaster Council that:

  • is available for development
  • is likely to be available in the future
  • is currently being developed by DMBC as part of our housing schemes
  • and completed  developments

If you are interested in finding out more information about the sites currently available, you can view brochure by following the link.

To assist you in navigating your way around the map we have provided you with some help notes below.

 Help notes


Key to the Map

Symbols  Meaning
  Train Station
Completed sites - Sites that have either been built out or sold
Council Build sites - These sites are used to build new Council Homes
Private Development with S106 Affordable Housing - affordable units provided by the developer
  Private Development - strategic site
  Development Sites - site available for development
 Housing Association Site - sites identified by the Council for specialised tenure housing
  Landmark Development - Current and potential Major Project investment sites.
  The new proposed route of the new HS2 Rail link
  The current proposed rote of the new HS2 rail link
  Trans Pennine Trail 
  Motorway network
  Local Ward Boundaries
  Borough Boundary
  East Coast Mainline

Getting Started

Once you have opened the map, you will see the search menu down the right hand of the page with three tabs:

  • Filter on map
  • Filter sites
  • Results

You can use either of the filter tabs to conduct your search. After you perform your search the results will appear in the results tab. If no results appear you will need to alter your search criteria.

Filter Sites

 By selecting this menu you can search by the following options:

  • Ward – a drop down list will show you all wards in Doncaster
  • programme type – these are listed above
  • Minimum size – in Hectares
  • Land type – a drop down list will provide you with the options
  • Flood zone 1, 2 and 3. You can find out more information about these zones by visiting,

Press the ‘search’ button to return the results based on chosen criteria.

Filter on map

When choosing this option it provides you with six ways of identifying sites, selected the option you prefer by clicking on one the following buttons:

          Point Button - shows all sites within a set distance from that point.

         Line Button - shows all sites within a set distance from the line.

         Polyline Button - shows all sites within a set distance from the lines.

  • If you choose one of these options you must tick the ‘Buffer Graphic Box’
  • Then insert the distance in miles you want.
  • Select the point or draw the line/s on the map to search from. You must double click to finish the last line on the polyline option.

 The 3 options below are designed for you to search in area.

        Extent Button - shows all sites within the boundaries of or within a set distance from a square or rectangle.

        Circle Button - shows all sites within the boundaries of or within a set distance from a circle.

        Polygon Button - shows all sites within the boundaries of or within a set distance from an irregular shape that you can draw.

  • Choose which option is most suitable and click on the button
  • The ‘Buffer Graphic Box’ must remain un-ticked to show sites within the shape.
  • However if you prefer to search outside of the shape, tick the ‘Buffer Graphic Box’ and choose a distance in miles you want.
  • Plot the shape by clicking as many times as needed to draw the boundary and double click to finish.


However you choose to filter your search, your results will be plotted on the map as well as providing you with a list of sites shown in the results menu. This will show further information such as site capacity, Programme type and flood zone. Additional information is also available by clicking on the relevant link, if available:

  • Photographs of the site
  • Planning Status – you can access the council’s relevant planning information for the site if available.
  • Site Brochure – this link will allow you to view a detailed brochure of the site that you can print.


 For further information, please contact Strategic Housing:

You may also find the flowing links helpful:

 Thank you for choosing inLand to view housing development in Doncaster. Please take a moment to help us improve on our service by completing the feedback form (it will only take 2 minutes).


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