Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan

Edenthorpe Town Council Neighbourhood Development Plan

Edenthorpe Parish Council have a dedicated Neighbourhood Plan webpage.

Pre-Submission Consultation and Publicity (Regulation 14)

Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan Working Group would like to present the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. This is a culmination of just over two years of evidence gathering using a variety of methods, finding out what the Edenthorpe residents want for our village’s future. You can find a copy of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan below and all other information is available on their web page.

Edenthorpe Draft Plan Public Consultation Version Reg 14
Download (4.72MB - PDF)

The public consultation is for a six week period (beginning with the public event at The Church Balk Centre, Off Marian Rd, Edenthorpe, DN3 2PT on 20 February 2019) and will end on 3 April 2019. Please send your comments to:  edenthorpenplan@gmail.com

Designation of the Neighbourhood Area for the Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan – 20 December 2016

As required by Part 2, Regulation 5A (2) of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) the Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan area has been designated and covers the whole of the parish of Edenthorpe.

Designation means that the parish council have approval to progress a plan for the designated area and no other parish/town council or Neighbourhood Forum can complete a Neighbourhood Plan for the area.

Application for the designation of the Neighbourhood Area for the Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan

An application has been received from Edenthorpe Council for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area. In accordance with Part 2, Regulation 5 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) the Parish Council have submitted:

  • a map which identifies the area to which the area application relates;
  • a statement explaining why this area is considered appropriate to be designated as a neighbourhood area; and
  • a statement that the organisation or body making the area application is a relevant body for the purposes of section 61G of the 1990 Act.
Edenthorpe Parish Boundary Map
Download (1.26MB)
Edenthorpe Parish Council Designation Application
Download (142KB)
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