Small Sites and Settlement Boundary Review

Work has been undertaken to identify potential amendments to settlement boundaries in the borough:

Small Sites Settlement Boundary Review

The Small Sites Settlement Boundary Review looks at the sites which were not considered as part of the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA). This covers sites submitted to the council which fall below the minimum site size threshold of 5 units, or 0.14ha. In total, 55 sites have been assessed.

This report assesses these sites, and whether there is any reason to amend settlement boundaries to include these sites (which are too small to be allocated) within development limits.

Small Sites Settlement Boundary Review - Feb 2017
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Development Limits

Development limits will define the extent of our towns and villages in the Local Plan and will normally reflect the line on the ground that distinguishes between an urban area, and its associated land uses, and rural countryside and associated land uses.

This document sets out the methodology and principles guiding the identification of the Local Plan’s development limits (also known as settlement boundaries). It is proposed that this methodology will be used to assess and review the boroughs settlement limits.

Identifying Development Limits
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