One Doncaster report

The findings of the independent Education and Skills Commission's 'One Doncaster' report.

In December 2015, Team Doncaster agreed to set up a small group of independent national experts to assess what could be done to ensure that Doncaster’s education and skills system was able to equip its residents and businesses for changing times, from childhood and through adulthood. The Commission formed in late February 2016 and was asked to submit its report in the autumn. The report, called ‘One Doncaster’ and published on the 21stOctober, 2016, can be found below.

One Doncaster report - single pages
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One Doncaster report - double spread
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One Doncaster report - executive summary
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One Doncaster - Response and Statement of Implementation 

Following extentive consultation Mayor Ros Jones has given the Team Doncaster Strategic Partnership response to the One Doncaster report. A copy of the One Doncaster response and statement of implementation can be found below.

Team Doncaster Statement of Implementation - One Doncaster
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Further information

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