Youth Offer

Doncaster Council has invested in strengthening a community-based open access youth offer, providing a broad range of places to go and things to do across the borough, delivered by Expect Youth. We have identified and developed work with a range of partners and now deliver a strong, diverse offer for young people in Doncaster, including LGBTQ Community, LDD Young People and Volunteering opportunities for a sustainable service.

Doncaster's Youth Offer 

The initial stages of the programme have involved speaking to young people, voluntary, community and faith (vcf) organisations and statutory partners. Four Locality events have been held which have helped shape Locality Plans as working documents to develop over the coming months. The purpose of these plans is to set out in one place for each locality:

  • What local young people have told us is important to them
  • What local organisations can offer and what support is needed to help continue, strengthen or start to deliver a youth offer
  • The demographics of the local area - including individual assets of young people, community assets and physical assets e.g. buildings
  • The shared outcomes developed through partnership working with young people at the heart of these

Each Locality Plan is owned by the people and organisations that create positive activities and personal development opportunities for young people and is a working document that will be regularly updated as this programme progresses.

For further information or to contribute to the plans please contact:

  • Dean Mangham, Youth Alliance - 01302 735301

  • Darren Gough, Volunteer Coordinator - 01302 737084

  • Steve Tudberry, Youth Officer - 01302 737993
  • Sandy Rushton, Youth Officer - 01302 735704

Expect Youth – Essential Life Skills Fund Launch

Invitation – Funding Application Support Session

Final Funding Application Support Session
Download (84KB - DOCX)

We are pleased to announce that the Application and Guidance documents are now live and included below.

The Doncaster area has been designated by the Department for Education (DfE) as one of 12 ‘opportunity areas’. This means that additional funding is being invested in Doncaster with the purpose helping local children get the best start in life, no matter what their background. Ensuring all children can access high-quality education at every stage is critical. The focus of this programme is not just on what can be done to help inside schools, but also to create opportunities outside school for children and young people to develop essential life skills, have different experiences and broaden their horizons.

Expect Youth, Doncaster Council and the DfE has allocated £450,000 of Opportunity Area funding for the implementation of an Essential Life Skills grant programme. The funding can be used for groups who will provide activities to support children and young people to gain skills that will promote the following outcomes:

  • Resilience, perseverance and persistence
  • Hard work, self-control, discipline and good time keeping
  • Self-confidence, leadership and team working
  • Honesty, integrity and engaged citizenship
  • Attitude, respect and empathy
  • Curiosity and problem solving

Expect Youth and partners will specifically target children and young people facing disadvantage in Doncaster to ensure they have access to the same activities to enhance life skills that their more affluent peers in the borough do. 

Organisations will be able to bid for between £10,000-£25,000 and £30,000 -£110,000 of funding. The Grant Fund will be open until 25th June 2018 and will allocate up to £450k from the total budget to fund a range of extracurricular activities.

Application and Guidance Documents:

Essential Life Skills Fund Application Form Final
Download (357KB - DOCX)
Essential Life Skills Fund Application Guidance Final
Download (569KB - DOCX)

Frequently Asked Questions

Download (244KB - DOCX)



Community Asset Transfers

Part of providing local people with the chance of an active role in influencing the support that will be provided to deliver the Youth Offer includes the transfer of buildings to community ownership. The aim of community asset transfers is that the ownership and management of land and buildings is given to communities to improve local social, economic and environmental well-being. For more information, visit

Early Help Training and Support

For contact information and further help in obtaining the skills you need to work with young people. Starting Well have produced the following guide.

Early Help Newsletter March 17
Download (799KB)

Locality Plans

North Youth Locality Position Statement
Download (4.36MB)
East Youth Locality Position Statement
Download (2.67MB)
South Youth Locality Position Statement
Download (2.8MB)
Central Youth Locality Position Statement
Download (4.76MB)

What Young People told us

Youth Offer- Young People Summary Poster
Download (80KB)

Targeted Youth Program:  

  • Wednesday Tom Hill Youth Hub from 5pm – 7pm LDD group 

  • Thursday Stainforth Youth Hub from 5pm – 7pm LDD group

Please contact Steve Tudberry or Sandy Rushton for more information. 

Doncaster Youth Alliance (Expect Youth)

Through consultation with young people, Doncaster Youth alliance has now been re-named Expect Youth. For information on development opportunities please follow the link below.

Children and Young People's Plan 2017-2020

For information regarding the young people’s plan please follow the link below

Children and Young People's Plan 2017-2020

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