Armthorpe Lane Bridge Closure

Armthorpe Lane Bridge will be closed from 8 January 2019 until the end of August 2019.

Network Rail is starting a £15million rail freight upgrade project which will see works undertaken at Armthorpe Lane bridge. A dedicated Network Rail helpline is in operation: 03457 11 41 41.


What are the benefits of the scheme?

This will support the growth of local businesses and prevent the need for goods to be transported on the road network, thus preventing (more) congestion. It will make the South Humber Gateway development more attractive to potential logistics/retail companies who may be considering locating to the site.

Why is the project going to take so long?

A significant proportion of the time taken to deliver this work is due to the number of utilities which run through the structure of the bridge, including BT cables which contain up to 1,000 cores, each of which have to be individually matched and jointed. There are also gas and water mains; communications and electricity cables located within the existing bridge. A separate service bridge is to be built alongside the existing structure to allow these to be diverted.

Why is Doncaster Council allowing a route to include Brecks Lane to be used as a diversion route?

As part of the planning arrangements for this scheme Network Rail consulted with local businesses to understand their HGV movements. This is due to the existing height constraints on the adjacent rail overbridges, in particular Barnby Dun Road bridge which has a height limit of 14’ 3”. This exercise identified a significant number of vehicles operating from the Kirk Sandall Industrial Estate higher than 14’ 3”. It has therefore been agreed that vehicles over this height can use Brecks Lane to avoid a lengthy diversion which would result in a greater impact to the public. Only HGV’s higher than 14’3” will be permitted to use Brecks Lane. All other vehicles will be diverted via a signed diversion along Wheatley Hall Road.

How will traffic on Brecks Lane be enforced?

Traffic monitoring will be implemented from the start of the project and any HGV’s identified travelling in breach of the traffic regulations will be reported to South Yorkshire Police and the Traffic Commissioner.

Why is there to be an extension to the 7.5 tonne weight restriction (except for access) on Armthorpe Lane between its junctions of the A18 Thorne Road and Brecks Lane?

This extension will be introduced to prevent vehicles above this weight, which are under 14’ 3”, using Armthorpe Lane and on finding it closed diverting and turning onto Brecks Lane as a short cut, contrary to the weight restriction.

Will a pedestrian route be available through the length of the closure at Armthorpe Lane?

Yes, a pedestrian route will be maintained through the closure. A temporary bridge will be constructed before the main railway bridge is demolished.

How will this affect residents/businesses located on the proposed section of closure?

Any residents/businesses on the proposed closed section of Armthorpe Lane Bridge will still be able to gain access from south of the bridge (coming from Armthorpe direction)


During the works diversions will be in place as follows:

Vehicles under 14’ 3” high

These are to be directed to the roads highlighted by the green route below: Doncaster Road – Barnby Dun Road - A630 Wheatley Hall Road – A18 Thorne Road (Clay Lane) - A18 Thorne Road (Edenthorpe).

However vehicles on route to or from Junction 4 of the M18 motorway will be signed to stay on the A630 Westmoor Link Road, as indicated by the pink line. This will prevent these large vehicles using the roads through the A18 Edenthorpe.

Vehicles over 14’ 3” high

These are to be directed to the blue route below because, as explained above, the existing 7.5 tonne weight restriction (except for access) which currently relates to Brecks Lane will be suspended from 8th January 2019. It will be replaced and extended to include the new part of Armthorpe Lane with the exemption ‘except for access and vehicles over 14’ 3” high’.

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