This is my Doncaster - Get involved

The This is my Doncaster campaign is all about getting local people to take pride in their community.

The council doesn’t have the massive financial resources needed to keep everywhere spotless, and it already costs us £500,000 each year to pick up dumped rubbish and dropped litter.  

The only way we are going to make a positive impact to protect the environment is by working together with local people.

Action Days

A key part of the This is my Doncaster campaign is our successful community action days.

These take place across Doncaster, and see council staff and volunteers blitz clean the local area, collect dumped waste and concentrate enforcement in one community at a time. 

The purpose of these dedicated community days is to get the area looking clean and tidy, and then hand some responsibility for maintaining this to the residents while we continue to carry out routine cleanses. 


Our first action day took place in Mexborough. We collected over a tonne of rubbish, spruced up the town centre with new plants and pavement repair works, and gave out 29 fines to people for littering, dog fouling and parking offences.

A selection of photos from the day is available here.


The Denaby action day saw council staff and volunteers focusing their work on Denaby Crags - an area of natural beauty and woodland walks which has unfortunately become a hotspot for littering and fly-tipping.

You can view photos from the day here.


Next up was Rossington - a fantastic turnout of local volunteers helped us to collect over 5 tonnes of rubbish from various hotspots throughout Rossington, while local businesses were also on board to support the campaign. 

See our photo gallery from the Rossington action day here.


Our Woodlands action day saw council teams focusing on improving the area around Trafalgar Street in Carcroft, while Woodlands itself also received a good blitz clean. 

View our image gallery from the day here.

Show your support

If you fancy helping out by collecting litter while walking the dog or while taking a stroll with the kids, we can support you by sending free equipment like litter pickers and bin bags, and will also dispose of all the waste you collect. Just email if you want to help out!

Or, if you want to show your support for the campaign by requesting a 'This is my Street' window sticker, send us an email and one can be sent to you free of charge.

Last updated: 20 April 2018 17:32:52