How to access Learning and Development

To ensure you do not miss out on the learning and development opportunities on offer, it is important that you understand the procedures you need to follow.

How to access Learning and Development (Classroom-based Courses)

• you must book by emailing: and provide a delegate name for each booking made. We cannot accept multiple bookings made in one person’s name e.g. the manager’s, but you can amend bookings as well as send substitutes in place of booked delegates at anytime up to the start of the course
• if you are unable to email, or need to discuss any other aspect for an event, you may phone (01709) 255706 to book places. You will be asked to provide an email address for booking / event information to be sent to. If this is not possible, we may post information to an address given when booking
• there are currently no restrictions on the number of places you can book on each course except where there is high demand for places E.g. Various Health and Safety and First Aid courses
• joining instructions will be sent out approximately 10 working days before the event and to the e-mail address provided by the person making the booking, (please make sure this is the appropriate email address to use)
• delegates (or the person booking) must notify the Council of any special requirements as explained in the joining instructions at least 5 days before the event If the training you require is not already included on the course calendar, please contact Workforce Development either by email ( or telephone (01302) 737619/862450/737456 to discuss your needs and how they might be met.

Cancelling Places

• we will do our utmost not to vary or cancel courses / events but where this is unavoidable, we reserve the right to do so and accept no liability, if for any reason the event does not take place • we must give training providers and venues sufficient notice of any cancellation based on the terms specified within the contracts with them. In the event that you or your employer cancel any places on any training event, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee. Remember, you can send substitutes up to the commencement date of the event
• if you need to cancel a place on any event and cannot send a substitute, you must email to notify us of this at least 7 calendar days before the start date. If you abide by this, we will not impose a cancellation charge. If we are able to, we will try to find a substitute to take the cancelled place but this is not always possible. We will not accept cancellations by phone (unless there are exceptional circumstances)
• if you are unable to notify us of a cancelled booking at least 7 calendar days of the event start date (by email to and a substitute cannot be found to attend instead, we may impose a cancellation charge. The same applies if you / your staff fail to attend the event in full
• we will (where possible) quote the delegate name given at the time of booking (or subsequent amendment if known) on any invoices issued for cancellations charges. We will not pursue your staff on your behalf to repay invoices

Attending Courses

You are expected to attend training courses as detailed in the joining instructions issued (see point ‘d’ in Cancelling Places above). This means arriving in time and staying for the full course as requested by the trainer. Delegates on courses may be a mix of Council staff and staff working in the IVP sector. It is expected that all delegates will behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards the trainer, venue staff and each other.

Recording of Learning and Development

Attendance on any Doncaster Council course will be recorded centrally by our Organisational Development Team. It is therefore important when booking places to provide full information about the person who will be attending. Otherwise, the delegate must provide this when they attend the course.

Evaluation of Learning and Development

Evaluation is the process of measuring and/or monitoring improvements in performance that result from learning and development activities. Change or improvement within the workplace should determine the true value of learning and development. It is the responsibility of management to monitor performance, assess the value of any learning and development investment made and ensure that any skills acquired are transferred to the workplace in order to achieve/maintain competency.


Please provide any feedback, either telephone 01302 737619 or email Workforce Development ( in relation to your views on the service you have received from us.


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