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Important information about winter weather missed collections

If your bin or box was not collected on Wednesday 28 February, Thursday 1 March or Friday 2 March because of the snow and ice, we will not be returning to pick up these missed collections. We’re really sorry about this but here's some more information about it:

My black bin was missed because of the snow – why didn't you catch up last week?

The timing of the bad weather couldn’t have been worse for us. Because the new system of collections started on Tuesday March 6, it would have caused too much confusion to do a borough-wide black bin collection last week.

This is because Suez doesn’t have the resources (either in workforce or in vehicles) to be able to do both a black bin and a recycling collection for some households, the scheduled black bin collection for others and the scheduled recycling for the rest, all at the same time. Doing this would make all of the new calendars wrong and would cause confusion about what collection is next due.

When will you be collecting my black bin, and all the extra rubbish?

Your new collection calendar states when your next collection will be, so please refer to that. You can also view your collection dates online. We know this means that some of you will go up to 4 weeks without a black bin collection, and we’re really sorry about this. Unfortunately though, the only other options will cause too much confusion.

Suez have confirmed that, if your bin was missed because of the snow, the collection teams will take a reasonable amount of rubbish if it is bagged up and put next to your black bin on your next black bin collection day. We know some of you will have a lot of extra rubbish, so we understand you might need to put a few extra bags out. This side waste may be collected by a separate bin lorry so please don’t worry if it’s not taken at the same time as your black bin is emptied.

Where am I meant to store all the extra rubbish in the meantime?

We know it’s really difficult to keep rubbish in bin bags until your next collection – if you can take it to a Household Waste Recycling Centre, then please do. If you can’t get to a HWRC though, our advice is to double-bag any extra waste, make sure it’s tied up securely and store it in a secure place like a shed or a garage until your new collection day. If you don’t have a shed or a garage, then store extra bags in a suitable container, like your green/blue bin, and remember to take it out before your next collection.

My green box wasn’t emptied because of the snow, when will the recycling be taken?

Like the black bins, please check your new calendar for the date of your recycling collections (blue and green bins and green box) and any recycling that wasn’t collected because of the snow will be taken then.  Please put your recycling in your blue bin and keep any glass in your green box. If you have too much recycling for your blue bin, then you can put this out in your old green boxes or in a cardboard or sturdy box next to the blue bin, but please keep glass separate as the collection crews can no longer safely separate it from the rest of your recycling.

It's late in the day and my bin still hasn't been emptied - have you missed it?

SUEZ's collection crews will be working longer days than they used to, collecting from 7am right through until the early evening. Your bins and boxes will probably not be collected at the same time they used to be, and may be done later in the day.

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Last updated: 19 March 2018 16:27:00