Doncaster Waste Transfer Station

Doncaster Council disposes of household waste collected from Doncaster residents to a new Waste Treatment Facility in Manvers, Rotherham. We need to find an efficient and environmentally friendly way to transport our waste. For this reason we are proposing a new Waste Transfer Station.

Waste Transfer Station

In early 2015, Doncaster Council stopped delivering household waste collected in Doncaster to Landfill and instead delivers household waste to a facility in Manvers, Rotherham where it is processed into a fuel.

Doncaster Council needs to find an efficient way to transport household waste from the borough to the Manvers facility. For this reason the Kirk Sandall Waste Transfer Station has been built.

The Kirk Sandall Waste Transfer Station allows the refuse collection vehicles to bring waste collected in Doncaster to a central location, here it will be stored for a short time, bulked up and taken by lorry to Rotherham. This saves the council money and is better for the environment as refuse collection vehicles will not have to travel to and from Rotherham.

Why Kirk Sandall?

To maximise the efficiency of the Waste Transfer Station operation it was essential that its location is close to the centre of the borough. This reduces the distance for refuse and recycling collection vehicles travelling across the borough to unload at the Waste Transfer Station.

A number of sites around the centre of the borough were investigated, whilst considering issues such as size of the site required, it's availability for development and suitability, planning and permitting requirements and its highway network links.  Kirk Sandall was chosen due to its location close to the centre of the borough and the availability of an unused industrial site location.

The site where the Waste Transfer Station is built is located on Sandall Stones Road Industrial Estate, off Sandall Stones Road, Kirk Sandall.

To view a plan of the site please view the WTS site plan attachment to the right hand side of the page, more detail about the design can be found by viewing the Waste Transfer Station Plan to the right hand side of the page.

Site Operations and Environment

In order for the facility to operate as a Waste Transfer Station (and accept waste) the Environment Agency, who are the regulatory body responsible for enforcing environmental legislation must be satisfied that the site design and operating regime is to their satisfaction.

Only when an Environmental Permit is issued to the site operator can the Waste Transfer Station accept waste. The site must be operated to an agreed standard set by the Environment Agency to prevent harm to the environment or human health before an Environmental Permit can be issued to the operator.

The Environmental Permit the site operates under can be viewed by clicking on the attachment to the right hand side of the page. 

Please also find attached to the right hand side of the page the agreed management documents, including; Odour Management Plan, Pest Management Plan and Noise Management Plan.  The Waste Transfer Station must operate to the standards set, these standards will be monitored continuously by the Council, the operator and the Environment Agency throughout its life.

How do I find out more about the Waste Transfer Station?

Doncaster Council held a number of events close to the facility, people were invited to have their say on the then proposed Waste Transfer Station.  At the events there were plans available to view, the project team responsible for the planning, design and operation of the site were available to answer questions that were raised about the facility.

The Council prepared some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), following these events these were amended to include answers to questions raised, ensuring up to date information is available to you.  To view the FAQ's please open the attachment to the right hand side of this page.

Should you wish to learn more or have any questions please contact us and we will get back to you.

Please use the following link to find out more information about BDR, the partnership of Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham Councils and the Manvers Waste Treatment Facility.

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