There are 18 council-managed allotment sites, 26 more run on our behalf by local allotment associations, and other sites owned by parish and town councils (see the tables at the bottom of the page).

Apply for an allotment

  • to apply for a council-managed allotment you need to be aged 18 or over
  • the majority are fully-occupied and vacant plots are quickly snapped up
  • to add your name to the waiting list for one or more sites, fill in the application form below:

Or contact the Allotments Officer:

If you have regular helpers on your site please let us know who they are. This will help in the event of any future tenancy transfer requests.


  • tenancies cost £10.33 per 100 square metres and are paid annually
  • rent is due on 1st April each year, tenants wishing to give up their plot must do so in advance of this date
  • a cost reduction of 25 percent is available for the over-60s
  • where sites have metered water, an additional cost is applied - this cost is not subject to discount

Size of plots

Plots are measured in square metres and vary in size according to site and availability. Plots can also be split in half by prior arrangement to suit those with less time available.

Terminate a tenancy

You can terminate your tenancy at any time by contacting the Allotments Officer on 01302 736000 or by email or sending a letter to us:

  • address: Allotments, Doncaster Council,Vermuyden Centre, Thorne, Doncaster, DN8 4QB


Allotment Water Guidance Factsheet
Download (23KB)
Allotment Garden Fires Factsheet
Download (85KB)
Allotment Tenancy Agreement October 2012
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Livestock - chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits and pigeons – can be kept on some sites, but only after written permission has been gained from the Allotments Office.  All livestock has to be kept in accordance with current legislation. 

Dogs and horses are not allowed to be kept on our allotment sites.

Pests and vermin

Tenants are expected to take reasonable precautions to discourage pests such as keeping the plot clean and tidy and preventing access to potential food sources such as animal feed. On council-managed sites, the removal of pests remains our responsibility. If you have problems with mice, rats and other vermin, please notify us as soon as possible so we can address the problem.

Sites not managed by us may have their own arrangements in place. Please check with the governing association.

Doncaster Council managed allotments

Aintree Avenue, Cantley 1.34ha   
Silver Jubilee, Cantley 1.13ha   
Greenfield Lane, Balby 0.68ha   
Hexthorpe Ings 2.37ha   
Bramworth Road, Hexthorpe 1.17ha   
Florence Avenue, Balby   1.20ha   
Broomhill, Denaby 1.11ha   
Northcliffe, Denaby   4.50ha   
Wadworth Street, Denaby 1.53ha   
Sandall Beat, Intake 1.54ha   
Chestnut Avenue, Carcroft 0.40ha   
Tickhill 0.20ha   
Woodfield Road, Balby    1.50ha   
Lower Castle Farm, Conisbrough  6.47ha   
Furnival Road, Balby 0.67ha 
Carr House Road, Hyde Park  8.09ha 
Dunscroft Oval 0.42ha   
The Avenue, Bentley 0.10ha

Doncaster Council self managed allotments

Broomhouse Lane, Balby   1.11ha   
Castle Farm, Conisbrough   6.47ha   
Crimpsall, Hexthorpe 1.51ha   
Neale Road, Wheatley 4.12ha   
New Village, Bentley 0.80ha   
York Street, Rossington 3.01ha   
Watch House Lane, Bentley 8.22ha   
Roman Ridge, Woodlands  5.01ha   
Strawberry Island, Wheatley 1.04ha   
Adwick Road, Mexborough 7.48ha   
Dolcliffe Road, Mexborough 1.05ha   
Herbert Street, Mexborough   0.86ha   
The Park, Woodlands 1.87ha   
Arthur Street, Bentley   0.52ha   
Ansdell Road, Bentley 0.20ha   
Cawdor Street, Bentley 2.38ha   
Pipering Lane, Bentley 1.57ha   
Rostholme, Bentley 2.69ha   
Genoa Street, Mexborough 0.28ha   
York Street, Mexborough 1.60ha   
Park Road, Mexborough 0.19ha   
Snake Lane, Conisbrough 1.03ha   
Grange Highfields 3.40ha   
Pighills, Thorne 11.7ha   
South Street, Thorne 0.50ha   
Locarno Road, Thorne 0.13ha 
Furlong Road, Harlington 1.07ha

Other allotment sites

There are many other allotment sites owned and/or managed by various town and parish councils.

For queries relating to any of these allotment sites you should contact a town/parish council.


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