Doncaster in Bloom

Doncaster in Bloom is an annual horticultural and gardening competition which has been running since 1990 and is open to individuals, groups and businesses in the borough.

Do you think you could compete, are you proud of your floral displays?

Doncaster in Bloom is an annual gardening competition which is open to all individuals, schools, community groups and businesses within the Doncaster Borough. There are categories for everyone including the Unusual Container category to get the creativity going. The size of the garden is not important as the entries are judged also on creativity, colour and originality. 

Entrants are encouraged to enhance their environment through the imaginative use of horticulture.

Gardening is a unique form of exercise that allows users to do something calming, creative and fun whilst working various muscle groups and getting a moderate level of cardiovascular exercise as well. Like other forms of exercise, gardening can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and keep away problems with heart disease, diabetes and other diseases related to inactivity and excess weight.

Previous entrants to the competition have gone on to make strong lasting friendships with other entrants.

Local businesses are encouraged to get involved. As well as entering the Premises category, companies can support Doncaster in Bloom by sponsoring one or more of the competition categories. Please use the contact details at the bottom.

If you have green fingers and would like to enter the competition, or if you would like to sponsor a category, please contact the organiser using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Entries for 2018 have closed, judging has taken place and the results are now available.


Certificates and trophies are awarded for the various categories, as detailed below:

Category 1 - Best garden

In this category, the judges assess the overall quality of the plants as well as the design and maintenance of the garden.

The category is split into 3 sub categories.

Category 1a - Entries are invited from all Private Residents.

Category 1b - Entries are invited from all St Leger Homes Tenants.  Category sponsored by St Leger Homes.

Category 1c - Entries are invited from newcomers to the competition.

Category 2 - Best display

This category is for containers of any shape or size that is used to create an interesting display.  Additional points are awarded for originality!

The category is split into 2 sub categories.

Category 2a - Entries are invited from all Private Residents.

Category 2b - Entries are invited from all St Leger Homes Tenants.  Category sponsored by St Leger Homes.

Category 3 - Premises

This category is for all business premises including shops, pubs, restaurants and hotels that have a horticultural delight which contributes to the attractiveness of the local area.

Category 3a - Entries are invited from Businesses in Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality.

Category 3b - Entries are invited from all other types of Business.

Category 4 - Community

Category4a - Local Group - In this category judges assess the use of plants, encouraging community involvement (two or more people), using environmentally friendly practices and initiatives that have been developed to promote and ensure cleanliness.  Category sponsored by Club Doncaster Foundation.

Category 4b - Local TARA's - If your Tenant and Resident Association (TARA) has an area which has been created and/or maintained by two or more people, this category is for you.  Judges will assess the use of plants, encouraging community involvement, using environmentally friendly practices and initiatives you have developed to promote and ensure cleanliness.

Category 5 - Best wildlife/sustainable garden

Gardens that are entered into this category should incorporate recycled and reclaimed materials, combined with suitable planting to encourage wildlife habitats.

Category 6 - Schools

This category is aimed at schools, special schools and colleges.  The planting and maintenance of the garden or feature must be done by young people and the main emphasis of the judging will be on the practical gardening skills used to develop the entry.

Category 7 - Unusual container

A very popular category, especially with those with limited space to grow, the remit for this is does your garden have an unusual container?  Do you grow your beans in a bucket, tomatoes in a tyre or maybe begonias in a boot?  This category is judged by members of the public at various locations throughout the Borough and all attendees at the presentation evening.

Now is the time to get your creative thinking cap on and create a display out of something not usually used as a container for plants.

Category 8 - Allotment of the year - Sponsored by Pleveys of Doncaster

This incorporates all allotments across the Doncaster Borough and has been running since 1975.

Open to all plot holders, big or small, whether part of an association or not.  The emphasis is on produce with extra points awarded for attractiveness and environmental awareness.

Category 8a - Best Allotment - for established plots

Category 8b - Best New Allotment - for newcomers (less than 3 years)

Closing date

The closing date for the 2018 competition was 30 June 2018.


Judging takes place throughout the summer months and results are announced at a presentation evening in October, where all entrants will discover what award they have achieved and the winning entries are announced.


The results of the 2018 competition can be found on the link below.


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