Proposed Map Changes

For a range of reasons it may be thought necessary or desirable to make changes to the existing Rights of Way network. Possible reasons include claims for a new Right of Way, requests to divert an existing Right of Way, changing the status of a route (from footpath to bridleway for instance) or, rarely, to extinguish a Right of Way.

Before any changes to the rights of way network may be made, in each case the change must firstly meet defined legal criteria and secondly is publicised and then open to public objection. Any public objections will be heard by an Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate and he or she will then determine the outcome based on the evidence put forward.

The cases documented on this page include applications received that are going through the legal process. The changes proposed in the documents have not yet taken effect and the existing Public Rights still apply. If the proposals are confirmed the changes will be posted on the Confirmed Definitive Map Changes page.

A copy of the notice for each order may be viewed by clicking on the relevant pdf at the right hand side of this page. If you require a copy of an Order and Plan or wish to object to advertised orders then please contact Public Rights of Way or formally lodge an objection with the Council's Legal Department.


Public Footpath Number 2 Austerfield

Planning permission has been granted for the development of Bawtry Golf Club.  to facilitate the development, an order has been advertised to divert that section of public footpath that currently runs along Low Common Lane between the junction iwth Cross Lane and the A614, to a path running along the west side of the development between Cross lane and the northern end of Low Common Lane.  The period for public objections has now closed.  One objection was received and the order will be submitted to the Secretary of State for determination

Seven Yards Road Armthorpe

An order has been published which proposes the recognition of public footpath rights along 7 Yards Road in Armthorpe, from the existing public footpath between Branton and Armthorpe, following 7 Yards Road north eastwards to Great Gate Wood, at which point it turns in a north westerly direction until it meets Holme Wood Lane. The period for public objection has now closed. Five objections were received and the case will therefore be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for determination in due course by an independent inspector.

Public Footpath Number 11 Stainforth

Planning permission has been granted for a residential development at the side of the canal at Stainforth. To facilitate this development an order has been advertised  which proposes to extinguish a section of public footpath between Fleet Lane and the canal.  Access to the canal will be maintained along a pavement within the proposed development.  The proposals will not affect the existing access to the New Inn Public House.  No work has started on site and the path will remain on its existing route until the order has been confirmed.  The order will be confirmed once the new access to the canal has been provided.


Public Footpath Number 5 Fenwick

An order has been advertised to divert the legally recorded line of a section of public footpath number 5 Fenwick away from crossing the East Coast Railway Line to a route running alongside the east side of the railway.  Anyone wishing to cross the railway will be able to do so at the road crossing nearby.  The legal line of the footpath to be diverted and the walked line are not the same, therefore a separate order has been advertised to delete the walked route.  No work as started on site and the path will remain on its existing route until the order has been confirmed.


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