Fly tipping

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish and costs UK taxpayers millions every year - it can range from a carrier bag or bin liner to multiple loads weighing many tonnes.

Consequences of fly tipping

Fly-tipping is a serious offence - if convicted, fly tippers face: 

  • a £50,000 fine
  • and/or five years in prison 

Reporting fly tipping

Why should you report it?

Dumped waste can often be contaminated. Not only is it harmful to the environment, water course and wildlife but it encourages vermin and, in time, can corrode or become unstable and emit toxic fumes which affect health and safety.

The money spent on clearing up illegally dumped waste could be better spent on other services

How to report it


You can report fly-tipping by completing the e-form below

Via our app

You can also download the free My Doncaster app to report issues to us while you're out and about! 

Over the phone

Alternatively, report the problem to us by phone on 01302 736000.  

We need to know:

  • where it is
  • what it is
  • is it hazardous - asbestos, oils, chemicals etc
  • roughly how much
  • if possible, information about the vehicle/individuals involved
  • your contact details in case we need to contact you for more information

What happens next?

The Street Scene team will clear waste illegally dumped on public land for which it has responsibility within 5 working days.

We will work with private land owners to ensure any dumped materials are safely removed.

Last updated: 10 March 2017 16:16:23