Local Plan

The emerging Doncaster Local Plan will replace the adopted Unitary Development Plan and Local Development Framework.

Doncaster's Local Plan will be the new planning strategy for the borough. The Local Plan will supersede the Core Strategy as a comprehensive statement of the borough's most important planning policies and will set out detailed development management policies to guide new development in the borough. The plan will be drawn up in consultation with the public and its communities, businesses and organisations.


Brownfield Land Register

The council has published its first brown field register as required by Government Regulations. It sets our suitable and deliverable sites that can be developed for residential development. The register uses data from April 2017 and will be updated each year at the same time as other residential land availability and completion monitoring. For further information or to access the register go to Brownfield Land Register.

Doncaster's Five Year Housing Land Supply

The Council is preparing its Local Plan to determine where and how much new development should take place in the Borough. For housing this is based on a local 'objectively assessed need' of 920 new houses per year. At any point in time the Council must identify 5 years' supply of deliverable housing sites to meet Doncaster's needs (see Government planning policy in the National Planning Policy Framework).

Whilst the decision of an Inspector in granting permission for housing at Westminster Drive, Dunsville, concluded that the Council‘s housing figure was higher, this was challenged by the Council. At the High Court, on 6 December 2017, agreement was reached that the Inspector, in reaching her conclusion on the Council's housing requirement for the 5 year housing land supply position, had made an error in reaching her conclusions on the Council's assessment of its 'objectively assessed need' but that this error made no difference to the overall decision to grant permission for the housing at Westminster Drive.

It remains the Council's position that it will continue to determine planning applications on the basis that it can demonstrate a sufficient supply of housing land - as shown in its latest published 5 Years Housing Land Supply Statement in August 2017.

Draft Sites Allocations and Local Plan policies (24 July-20 August)

Apologies to anyone who has come to our website to respond to our public consultation on Draft Sites Allocations and Local Plan policies (24 July-20 August). We were planning to undertake a Sites and related policies consultation stage (informal engagement). This consultation stage of the Local Plan has now been delayed.  Further information will be published in due course.

Housing Supply

The latest 5 year deliverable housing land supply statement covering the period April 2017 to March 2022 has now been published alongside the Residential Land Availability report 2016-17.

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) sets out how the Local Plan will be prepared, including the timetable for when various stages of the plan’s preparation will be undertaken. The Council updated the LDS in December 2017. The timescales are:

Call for Sites October – December 2014
Issues & Options July – September 2015
Homes & Settlements Strategy – March 2016
Further ongoing stakeholder engagement and consultation – Spring 2015 to Spring 2018
Consideration of plan by Council – Summer 2018
Publication - Summer 2018
Submission - Autumn 2018
Examination in Public – Winter 2018/19
Inspector's Report - Spring 2019
Adoption - Summer 2019

Background documents

A number of background documents have been published which will help inform the Local Plan preparation for both policies and sites. These are:

The Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) is an early stage of the evidence base for the new Doncaster Local Plan. It includes information on a large initial pool of sites and whether they could be developed. Further assessment is required on their suitability before any site is included in the Local Plan.

The Residential Land Availability (RLA) sets out the supply of land for housing as at March 2015.

The Employment Land Availability (ELA) sets out the availability and distribution of employment land over the past year.

Updated Settlement Audit which sets out the key services that each settlement has and ranks them in order of the number of those services.

Small Sites Settlement Boundary Review which assesses those sites which were submitted as part of the Call for Sites process but are too small to be considered through the HELAA.

The Local Aggregate Assessment 2016 (LAA) provides information on monitoring, supply and demand for aggregate minerals within Doncaster and Rotherham.

Doncaster Local Plan Homes and Settlements paper and Sustainability Appraisal of Doncaster’s Growth Options Consultation

During March and April 2016, we consulted on two documents: Homes and Settlements paper and the Sustainability Appraisal Growth Options. The Homes and Settlements paper set out the proposed number of new homes we are planning for (both open market and affordable housing) and their proposed distribution across Doncaster's towns and villages. We proposed that we should plan for 920 new homes per year 2015-2032 (so 15,640 new homes in total). This reflects the identified need for both open market and affordable housing and would meet the future needs of the existing population and the needs that will arise from planned jobs growth.

The consultation resulted in 157 letters of response being received making 268 specific points. 14 of these were from Town and Parish Councils, 29 from agents representing landowners/developers and 67 from individuals/residents and 5 from neighbouring local authorities.

The Updated Sustainability Appraisal of Doncaster’s Growth Options included an assessment of the Homes and Settlements paper.

Both the Homes and Settlements paper and the Updated Sustainability Appraisal of Doncaster’s Growth Options document and a summary of the responses received to the documents can be found on the Doncaster Local Plan Homes and Settlements paper and Sustainability Appraisal of Doncaster’s Growth Options Consultation.

Local Plan bulletin

Local Plan Bulletin - Feburary 2017
Download (164KB)

The bulletin above has now been produced to keep people up to date with the preparation of the Local Plan - further updates to this will be produced when relevant.


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