How we support families

All families experience problems at some time or another and when this happens it can be difficult to know what to do. We know it can be frustrating dealing with different services for different things and having to explain your story more than once.

How it works

We want to make sure families receive help at the right time, that is right for everyone in the family by joining up services. This will work by one person listening to what families need and will work with them to put a plan in place.

This person will then bring together all of the help needed from different services, so that we can

  • work together with families on the things they want to change.
  • support the whole family to make their own decisions wherever possible.
  • be open and honest, and provide support and challenge, working with families instead of doing things to them.

What families need to know

Families who receive support may need help from different services and are required to give consent for their information to be shared with other agencies where needed and relevant government departments as part of the national evaluation.

To see our full privacy notice visit the privacy page

How we monitor progress

We regularly monitor the progress of the families that are on the programme, on this page you will find attached documents that illustrate this progress throughout the life of the programme.

Stronger Families Q4 Performance Report
Download (488KB - PDF)
Stronger Families Q3 Performance Report
Download (467KB - PDF)
Stronger Families Quarter 2 2017-18 Performance Report
Download (450KB - PDF)
Stronger Families Quarter 1 2017-18 Performance Report
Download (472KB - PDF)
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