Personal Education Planning (PEP) and Pupil Premium Grant for children in care (PP+)

Information about Pupil Education Planning and additional funding arrangements for children in care.

Personal Education Planning and the PEP

The Personal Education Plan (PEP) is central to improving educational outcomes for children in care. It is how the views of the school, parent/carer, other relevant professionals, and the child or young person are gathered. It considers what is going well and what is going less well, identifies the needs the plan should try to meet and how they will be met through the use of supported SMART targets.


The Pupil Premium Grant for Children in Care (PP+)

The Conditions of Grant for the Pupil Premium Grant for children in care (PP+) changed in April 2014 and the grant must now be managed by the local authority’s Virtual School Head who will require from schools satisfactory information on current attainment and progress along with plans for appropriate interventions and assessment before devolving any funding to schools.

Note also that, from April 2014, Pupil Premium Plus was extended to some children who have previously been in care. The £1,900 Pupil Premium Grant for children who have been adopted from care, or moved from a care to a special guardianship order or residence/child care is not managed by the Virtual School Head, but comes directly to the schools.

Though the grant totals £1,900 per child in care per year the amount of funding used by the Virtual School, or the school at which the child is on the roll, will depend on their needs. That means that this is not a ‘personal budget’; less may be spent on an individual child who is doing well so that larger sums can be spent on a child with greater needs. The Virtual School Head will usually approve funding interventions and support based on evidence that they are likely to have a positive impact. The best source of evidence of what makes a difference can be found on the Education Endowment Foundation teaching and Learning Toolkit. 


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