Schools in Doncaster

To find listings of all schools in the Doncaster area use the Families Information Service website linked below.

Searching for Schools in Doncaster

The Schools Directory contains the contact details for all Doncaster schools, children's services and school support services. 

The directory is updated twice a year as part of the sufficiency of childcare and schools places audit.

It is available as an interactive search facility below:

You can also find detailed school information including contact information, Ofsted results, map/location details on the Department for Education - EduBase site

Schools information


Age range


10 4 - 7 Infant schools (all of which have nursery classes)
8 7 - 11 Junior schools
81 4 - 11 Infant and Junior schools ( of which 51 have a nursery class) (These schools may be called Primary Schools)
1 11 - 16 Secondary Schools
16 11 - 18 Secondary Schools
2 7 - 16 Special Schools
3 3 - 16 Special Schools

Schools are organised in a pyramid system and serve areas of the borough, normally referred to as a 'catchment area'.

  • Community Schools are maintained by the Local Authority. The Council sets the admissions policy and allocate places in accordance with various criteria. 
  • Aided schools are also denominational (Church of England or Roman Catholic). However admission to these schools is controlled by the Governing Body and not the Local Authority. 
  • Special Schools are maintained by the Local Authority. Admission to these schools is determined by a Statement of Special Educational Needs. 
  • Foundation Schools and Academies are funded directly by the Department for Education and admission to these schools is controlled by the Governing Body and not the Local Authority.

No school maintained by the Local Authority admits children on the basis of selection by ability or aptitude. The Local Authority has no arrangements for admitting children to non-maintained or private schools other than children with special educational needs.

School prospectuses are available free of charge from the school or local libraries.

School admissions

Full details of how to apply for admissions to Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools within the Doncaster area can be found on the:

Information about Ofsted

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