Secondary admissions

How to apply

Only Doncaster residents should complete our application forms. If you live outside of Doncaster you must apply to your home admission authority regardless of which school you wish to apply for.

Apply for a place for SEPTEMBER 2019 - Year 7 place

All children in Year 6 are due to start Secondary School in September 2019.

It is important to apply as a number of schools will be full next September.

You are encouraged to include your catchment area school as one of your preferences even if this is not your first choice. 

 Applications will be available by the end of September.


Apply online to transfer NOW (for this school year 2018/19)

Does your child currently attend a school in Doncaster?


the online application is not available as sections of the form must be completed by your present school and your preferred school. Print off the form from the Download and Resource section of this page.


Please note:  

You are advised to read the Guidance Notes in the Downloads and Resources section of this page before making your application.  If you are applying for a church school you must also complete the relevant additional information form from the Download and Resource section of this page.

More Information

For further information, please contact us:

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