Sexting is the sending or receiving of naked pictures of ‘nudes’, underwear shots, ‘dirty pics’ or text messages and videos containing sexually explicit language or actions.

Sexting can happen for lots of reasons. A child might:

• feel like 'everyone else is doing it' and want to fit in with in with their friends - especially if they are boasting about sending or having photos on their mobile phone
• worry about being seen as 'not sexy', 'frigid' or 'shy' and go along with things they are uncomfortable with
• feel under pressure to sext as a way of ‘proving’ your sexuality
• feel harassed, threatened or blackmailed into sending pictures
• feel it's easier just to ‘give in’ to somebody who keeps asking for things
• think they ‘owe’ a boyfriend or girlfriend or are made to feel guilty if they don’t do what they are asked to
• be in love with the person and trust them completely and feel like it’s okay
• have a long distance or online relationship with someone and want to have a sexual relationship with them
• feel proud of their body and want to share it with other people

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