Transport policy statement

LA Transport Partnership Fund Policy Statement 2019-20 - for learners aged 16-18 in further education and continuing students aged 19 and over.


Summary of Policy Statement and Main Objectives

The attached Policy Statement is intended to provide advice and guidance for young people entering into Post 16 education, employment or training and their parents and carers about the travel and transport arrangements which are available in Doncaster for the coming academic year.

This statement is reviewed and published annually and covers the following areas:

  • Details of concessionary fares, tickets, discounts, subsidies, passes or travel cards available for Post 16 students attending sixth form at school, college or other places of learning or training
  • The 16-19 Bursary Fund
  • Help for learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities or students facing difficulties in following their courses
  • Information on travel assistance for Special Educational Needs Students over the age of 19
  • Independent Travel Training
  • Cross Boundary Travel/Transport
  • Residential Education Placements
  • Care to Learn funding
  • How to appeal against a decision made on transport assistance
  • How to make a complaint
  • Useful contacts, links and further information
Last updated: 31 May 2019 14:00:33