Council Corporate Plan

The Council's Corporate Plan details the priorities that we will deliver for the people of Doncaster and supports the delivery of the Mayor’s priorities.

A new Corporate Plan has been agreed for 2018/19.  It summarizes:

  • The Council’s contribution over the next year to the Doncaster Growing Together (DGT) Plan 
  • The overall quality of life improvements the Council will contribute to
  • How the Council will ensure it delivers quality services - as measured by service standards.

It has the same overall vision as the DGT Plan: To ensure Doncaster is a thriving place to learn, work, live and care.

This Plan has the same 4 themes as the DGT Plan:    

  • Doncaster Working
  • Doncaster Caring
  • Doncaster Living
  • Doncaster Learning

In addition, it has a fifth ‘Connected Council’ theme to ensure we are a connected council, ready for the future.     This means continuing to make the most of technology, re-designing our services so they are fit for the future and working in partnership with our local communities, voluntary, charity and faith sectors to deliver services together.  We are committed to being a Council that promotes growth and prosperity for residents and ensuring our services make a difference to those people who need them most.

Corporate Plan 2018-19
Download (1.48MB - PDF)

Quarterly Finance and Performance Reports

2018-19 Quarter 2 Finance and Performance Report and Appendix ABC
Download (1.73MB - PDF)
2018-19 Quarter 2 Delivering for Doncaster Booklet
Download (1.96MB - PDF)
2018-19 Quarter 1 Finance Performance Report and App ABC
Download (965KB - PDF)
2018-19 Quarter 1 Delivering for Doncaster Booklet
Download (1.9MB - PDF)
2017-18 Quarter 4 Delivering for Doncaster Booklet
Download (1.87MB - PDF)
Q4 2017-18 Finance and Performance Report and Appendix ABC
Download (989KB - PDF)

Annual Reports 

The purpose of the Annual Report is to provide an easy read summary of progress made against our priorities within our Corporate Plan. We take every opportunity to celebrate our achievements and reflect on the progress the council has made over the past year and highlight those areas that remain a challenge.

Our approach for this year and going forward has changed. We have combined the progress on the priorities we have made within our Corporate Plan with the publication of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan to create a single annual report. 

2017-2018 Annual Report
Download (748KB - PDF)
2016-17 Annual Report
Download (607KB - PDF)
2015-16 Annual Report
Download (1.39MB)
2014-15 Annual Report
Download (1.77MB)
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