Doncaster Growing Together

Doncaster Growing Together is here. Team Doncaster is ambitious for the borough and its people, businesses and communities.

What's Doncaster Growing Together?

We’ve pulled together our collective thinking, experience, skills and resources to develop Doncaster Growing Together (DGT).

DGT is a set of concrete plans for now and big ideas for the future. Doncaster’s story is inspirational – the borough has come a long way in a short space of time and the place is better than it has been for years.

Our ambition is to grow it even further in a whole host of ways – so Doncaster is a great place to learn, work, live and care.

Team Doncaster is built upon team work and DGT is about everyone in Doncaster making the commitment to being part of our future story.

We are ambitious for Doncaster and even though resources are tight, we believe by working together we can achieve great things and help our borough thrive.

So join us to #DoGreatThings #DoncasterGrowingTogether

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You can also download the Doncaster Growing Together prospectus as a PDF:

Doncaster Growing Together prospectus
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State of the Borough

Doncaster Growing Together has been defined by using local evidence and intelligence from Doncaster’s first State of the Borough Assessment.

You can learn more about the assessment, and read it in full, on the following page:

Achieving Great Things

An example of how we are achieving great things is..

New home set to help care leavers learn skills for life

Care leavers are to be prepared for independent living thanks to a partnership scheme between the Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, Doncaster Council and St Leger Homes.

In a joint venture with the Trust, the council and St Leger Homes are currently creating a six bed facility out of two properties which will provide supported living where young people previously cared for through the Trust will learn valuable life skills.

Young care leavers will have their own rooms, with communal areas and a shared kitchen and the Trust will provide round the clock on-site support, as well as running a life skills programme which will include guidance around general housekeeping, healthy eating, gardening, money management and social interaction.

Currently the Trust relies on expensive out of area placements, private supported accommodation providers and group living arrangements. The new facility will be more fit for purpose.

Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, Chief Executive Paul Moffat said: “Moving into your first home can be a big challenge, especially if you’ve not been taught the skills you will need to run a home and the things you will need to do – like paying your bills on time. We wanted to give our care leavers, who may need this additional support, a safe and supportive environment that would enable them to develop the skills to live more independently and aid their transition into adulthood.

“We would like to thank the council for providing our care leavers with this home and St Leger Homes for supporting us with renovating the properties.” 

The new facility is set to welcome its first residents early in 2018 and it is expected that the maximum length of stay for any young person will be roughly six to 12 months. After this period, if they are ready, the care leavers will be supported to move on and access their own tenancy.

Doncaster’s Mayor Ros Jones, said: “This is a fantastic example of working together to help young people get the life skills and support they need to make the next big step in their lives and into independent adulthood. This is a great, creative idea and underlines how Doncaster Growing Together (DGT) can make a difference to people’s lives.”

Paul Tanney, Chief Executive of St Leger Homes, said: “We are delighted to be working alongside Doncaster Children’s Trust and Doncaster Council to help deliver this exciting project. We hope that renovating these properties into something which is fit for purpose for young care leavers will assist them in getting the skills they need to access and sustain their own tenancies in the future.”

Doncaster Growing Together video

For a quick visual summary of our plans for the borough, watch the video below:

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